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Alan Tiemann
Our guest on Open Mic this week is Nebraska farmer Alan Tiemann who was recently elected as Chairman of the US Grains Council. In this interview you'll hear a farmer's perspective of market development in a competitive global environment, the value of a potential Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the real potential for ethanol exports and a first-hand assessment of Cuban agriculture trade opportunities.

Governor Martin O'Malley
This week's guest on Open Mic is Governor Martin O'Malley, a Democratic candidate for President in 2016. In this interview you'll hear his views on renewable fuel policy, environmental stewardship, global trade and why he believes leading a state like Maryland uniquely qualifies his bid for the Oval Office.

Senator Chuck Grassley
This week's guest on Open Mic is Iowa U.S. Senator Charles Grassley. With days left before the August Congressional recess, Grassley says leaders face some must pass legislation including highway funding and a final decision on Country-of-Origin Labeling. In this interview, Grassley offers insights into possible tax reform and the final stages of debate in the budget process. Grassley also says Congress needs to take action to protect poultry farmers from the continued threat of avian influenza.

Rep. Rob Bishop
This week's guest on Open Mic is Rep. Rob Bishop, who chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources. Bishop is pleased with recent votes on forestry and water but admits a number of uphill battles remain for his committee and Congress. The Utah Republican minces no words in describing the Obama Administration as the bully regulation machine and in this interview discusses his concerns about federal regulations on private and public lands, water supply, and endangered species.

Representative Cheri Bustos - IL
This week's guest on Open Mic is Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. As a member of the House committees on Agriculture as well as Transportation and Infrastructure, the Illinois Democrat is positioned to cast important votes for farmers and rural America. In this informative interview you'll hear her thoughts on congressional consideration of trade agreements and angst against the EPA on implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard. Bustos wants a long term fix for highway spending and believes the charter for the Export/Import Bank should be renewed.

Rep. John Shimkus - IL
This week's guest on Open Mic is Representative John Shimkus. The Illinois Republican is pleased with the results of the first six months of the 114th Congress but admits difficult votes lie ahead on spending and regulatory overreach. Shimkus also discusses upcoming trade pacts, GMO labeling and the renewable fuel volume debate.

Rep. Ron Kind
This week's Open Mic features Representative Ron Kind. As a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, the Wisconsin Democrat supports free trade and explains why it was such a difficult vote for many Democrats, who largely opposed President Obama. Kind shares his thoughts for the Obama administration in the latter stages of the TPP negotiations, especially in regard to his home state's dairy industry. He also discusses EPA's proposed waters of the U.S. rule. As a long-time farm bill critic, he also talks about further changes he'd like to see in crop insurance and other farm programs.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey
A downturn in commodity prices and the biggest animal health emergency in that state's history has taken a financial toll on Iowa agriculture. In this week's interview, Iowa's Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey addresses producers' recovery from avian influenza and their preparation for further challenges from the disease. Northey discusses the impact of the EPA's delay in announcing RFS volume standards and his disappointment with congressional action on TPA. The road to the White House leads through Iowa and he shares his message for candidates seeking the Oval Office.

Canadian Ag Minister Gerry Ritz
Our guest this week is Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. In this week's interview Minister Ritz says the US is out of options and out of time with regard to Country-of-Origin labeling. He discusses the retaliation timetable and the billions of dollars in tariffs that could be placed on U.S. goods. In addition, Ritz says Canada is closely watching the Trade Promotion Authority vote in the U.S. Congress and working closely with Secretary Tom Vilsack to overcome other tough trade issues.

Senator John Boozman Arkansas
This week's guest on Open Mic is U.S. Senator John Boozman. The Arkansas Republican sees strong opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed clean water rule and says Congress must quickly address the COOL rule. As co-chair of the hunger caucus, Boozman has strong interest in nutrition programs and expects policy reform this year. In this interview, Senator Boozman explains his thoughts on Cuban trade reform, Trade Promotion Authority and currency manipulation.

Joel Brandenburger, President National Turkey Federation
This week's guest on Open Mic is Joel Brandenburger, President of the National Turkey Federation. In this interview, you'll hear an industry that is poised for growth but facing real challenges associated with the Avian Influenza outbreak. The turkey industry supports global trade but is also investing $2-million dollars in a two-year campaign to grow domestic turkey consumption. In this wide ranging interview, he also talks about antibiotics in turkey production, Cuba trade, and the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Rep. Adrian Smith, Nebraska
District Representative Adrian Smith outlines a challenging agenda for House members following the Memorial Day break. As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Smith expects a great deal of debate over Trade Promotion Authority, tax reform, and identifying financial resources for the Highway Trust Fund. In this week's feature, Smith shares his support for renewable fuels and his concern over attempts to further define food labeling laws.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp
This week's guest on Open Mic is US Senator Heidi Heitkamp. As an outspoken advocate for agriculture and rural America, the North Dakota Democrat was instrumental in crafting the 2014 farm bill and now has proposed legislation to address uncertainty over renewable fuels and waters of the US as well as expanding trade with Cuba. In this interview Senator Heitkamp shares her thoughts on food labeling and outlines senate debate over Trade Promotion Authority for President Obama. While trade dominates the legislative agenda this week, Heitkamp hopes for timely action on the highway trust fund, the export-import bank and national security issues.

Rep. Collin Peterson
This week's guest on Open Mic is Minnesota US Representative Collin Peterson. In this interview Peterson discusses his position on Trade Promotion Authority for the Obama administration and the dangers of change to the nation's crop insurance program. The House Ag Committee Ranking Member thinks environmentalists have control of the White House and favors congressional action to thwart implementation of the new EPA Clean Water definition

Senator Debbie Stabenow
This week's Open Mic guest is Michigan US Senator Debbie Stabenow. As Ranking Member on the Senate Agriculture Committee Stabenow says she's concerned about the budget process and is ready to defend the agriculture policy she and others worked so hard to approve. Stabenow says she wants to export products not jobs. In this interview, she shares her reservations about granting Trade Promotion Authority for the administration and her support for expanding trade with Cuba.

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