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Dialogues on Trade and Climate Change (Virtual)


4/7/21 10:00 am to 4/9/21 5:00 am CDT
United States

Event Description

The Trade and Climate Change conference is a joint effort of the U.S.-based Farm Foundation and the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute to explore topics in the context of a global trading environment where climate change policies have become increasingly ambitious and diverse among international players. The conference will explore topics such as climate change policies and their impacts on agricultural production and trade, border carbon adjustments as a mechanism for adjudicating among climate change policies amidst global competitors, and how various industry players are adapting to new policies through opportunities like carbon markets and offsets, sustainable sourcing, and investments. This work builds on the recent collaboration between the Farm Foundation and CAPI on “Trade and Sustainability” and “Trade in an Increasingly Chaotic World.”