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Opinion: Using retail agricultural suppliers to move to wholesale conservation adoption

In this joint opinion piece, Alex Echols, environment Program Strategist for Agriculture for the Keith Campbell Foundation, and Roger Wolf, executive director of the Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance and director of conservation at the Iowa Soybean Association Research Center for Farming Innovation, discuss engaging ag retailers to be key leaders in advancing conservation adoption.

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Opinion: Congress: It’s time to put the pocketbook power back in the hands of rural landowners

In this joint opinion piece, Lesley Jantarasami, managing director of the Energy Program at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Maya Solomon, senior director of policy and advocacy at the American Forest Foundation, advocate for the Rural Forest Markets Act, and its benefits of creating a voluntary carbon market for family forest landowners.

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Opinion: Bacon lovers to California: Are you kidding us?

In this opinion piece, Lori Stevermer, the president of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and a Minnesota pork producer, highlights recent USDA data on the pricing impact of California Proposition 12 on consumers and why Congress needs to act and include a legislative solution in the farm bill.  

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Opinion: The winter and summer promise of indoor farming

In this opinion piece, Tom Stenzel, Executive Director of the CEA Alliance, highlights how new indoor farming technologies affect growers, protecting produce from bitter cold and blistering heat while delivering consistent high-quality products 52 weeks a year.

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Opinion: Developing new markets for American Agriculture

In this opinion piece, Rep. Randy Feenstra, R-Iowa, and Lowell Randel, SVP at the Global Cold Chain Alliance, discuss the importance of building export infrastructure – particularly cold-chain storage – in new and developing markets.

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Opinion: A different perspective on the PURR Act

In this opinion piece, Austin Therrell, executive director of AAFCO, unveils his perspective on the PURR Act, contrasting with a recently published article about pet food makers' desire to have a modern, 21st-century regulatory system. 

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