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Pet food

Human nutrition-style labeling coming to pet food

Pet food and specialty pet food treats and supplements packaging will more closely resemble human food labels with new, recommended labeling regulations approved for publication by the Association of American Feed Control Officials and sought by the industry.

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FDA veteran named CVM director

Tracey Forfa, a 30-year veteran of the Food and Drug Administration, will become the new director of FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. She has been CVM’s acting director since December, when previous director Steven Solomon retired.

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Biodiesel plant

Renewable diesel boom fueling soybean crushing expansion

The renewable diesel boom has fueled a surge in expected soybean crushing capacity and a need for more production of the crop, though the EPA’s proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes and declining credit values for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard may dampen the fledgling industry’s ambitions.
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