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Agri-Pulse DriveTime

A wrap up of today's top news stories in the world of Ag
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DriveTime: Aug. 25, 2021


Today's DriveTime features news on a new dairy effort from USDA, a look at lock and dam construction, and thoughts on marketplace fairness rules. 

DriveTime: Aug. 24, 2021


Infrastructure efforts move forward, USDA updates its livestock markets enforcement, and a court challenge to Prop 12 is dismissed. Hear more in today's DriveTime.

DriveTime: Aug. 23, 2021


The House is back in town with a tricky political situation on the agenda. A look at that as well as a look at the forestry and cattle industries in today's DriveTime. 

DriveTime: Aug. 20, 2021


The Environmental Protection Agency readies biofuel target proposals, Puerto Rico becomes the frontline in fight against African Swine Fever, and cattle producers are watching for tax policy changes on Capitol Hill. That and more in today’s DriveTime.

DriveTime: Aug. 19, 2021


Today's DriveTime features a look at $350 million in pandemic aid for dairy producers and a report on the topics of discussion where American Coalition for Ethanol leaders are gathering together.

DriveTime: Aug. 18, 2021


EPA takes action on chlorpyrifos and ag leaders look ahead to future soybean trade prospects and the process of getting a new Waters of the U.S. rule. Hear more in today's DriveTime.