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Agri-Pulse DriveTime

A wrap up of today's top news stories in the world of Ag
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DriveTime: Sep. 8, 2021


House Democrats propose a $35 billion expansion of child feeding assistance and the White House argues corporate consolidation in the meat sector is raising prices at the grocery store. That and more in today’s #APDriveTime.

DriveTime: Sep. 7, 2021


USDA announces $700M in grants for farm workers and the House Ag Committee meets later this week to consider its portion of the reconciliation package. That and more in today’s DriveTime.

DriveTime: Sep. 3, 2021


Louisiana’s top ag official says barges should be moving next week and a former Senate Democrat pushes the Environmental Protection Agency to keep increasing renewable volume obligations in the Renewable Fuel Standard. That and more in today’s DriveTime.

DriveTime: Sep. 2, 2021


Net cash farm income is forecast to rise, USDA looks for answers on how to label cell-cultured meat, and a veteran farm lobbyist weighs on the stepped-up basis fight in Congress. That and more in today’s DriveTime.

DriveTime: Sep. 1, 2021


Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack addresses dairy cows contaminated with PFAS, Canadian railroads battle again for KC Southern, and Spencer Chase catches up with biofuels advocates at Farm Progress Show. That and more in today’s DriveTime.

DriveTime: Aug. 31, 2021


Hours-of-service exemption extended for livestock haulers and House Ag gets ready for a reconciliation bill fight. More in today’s DriveTime with Ben Nuelle in Washington and Spencer Chase at the Farm Progress Show in Illinois.