Biofuel advocates are carefully watching for 2018 Renewable Volume Obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard, due to be released by the EPA by the end of the day tomorrow. Administrator Scott Pruitt pledged in a letter to Capitol Hill in October that he would meet or exceed the volumes proposed in July, and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds plans to hold him to his promise and says “hopefully, we’ll have the numbers by Thursday." The EPA Administrator is scheduled to visit an Iowa farm on Friday at an invitation-only event with plenty of Iowa ag leaders who will be giving him an earful if he doesn’t deliver. “It’s important to the rural Iowa economy and our Iowa farmers, especially with commodity prices where they’re at now,” Reynolds said. “It’s important that we maintain what the statute was designed to do, and that was to increase biofuels usage and drive innovation in the renewable fuels industry. In my conversations with both the President and Administrator Pruitt, they indicated that their goal was to meet the intent of the statute.”