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Candidates tackle farm economy with climate focus

Agricultural policy has seldom received as much attention as it has in this presidential campaign as Democrats vie for ways to cut into President Donald Trump’s rural base and win Iowa’s first-in-the-nation’s caucuses amid heightened anxiety about the farm economy.
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Trump administration touts $13B in regulatory savings in fiscal 2019

The Trump administration’s deregulatory push has resulted in about $50 billion in savings since 2017, with $13.5 billion of those coming in fiscal 2019 alone, the White House said Dec. 6. The administration fell shy of its goal of eliminating two significant deregulatory actions for every one significant regulatory action, instead achieving a 1.7:1 ratio.
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Pelosi agrees to USMCA deal; vote may be next week

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders gave the green light on Tuesday to a revised U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and, according to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, a floor vote on the new North American pact could get a floor vote next week.
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