Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national cooperative owned by family farmers, broke ground last week for the construction of a new retail store, The Creamery, in Beaver, Utah. Slated for opening in late 2018, the 11,250-square-foot store will be more than four times the size of the original cheese store on the site of DFA’s Beaver City processing plant and will feature expanded retail space and an interactive, educational experience about dairy for visitors. “Our farmers are proud of the dairy products they produce each and every day, and The Creamery will reflect this by bringing the freshness of the farm and the Utah region to life, as all the milk comes from local farms and is processed into cheese just steps away from the store right here in Beaver City,” says Dennis Rodenbaugh, senior vice president and chief operating officer of DFA’s Western Fluid Group. “This will not be your typical convenience stop along the highway. With the use of natural woods and metals, which harken back to the farm, The Creamery will be a dairy destination and perfectly on trend with what consumers today are looking for, which is knowing where their food comes from.” The Creamery will offer a variety of dairy products, including cheese curds, artisanal cheeses, ice cream, convenience items, along with a full-service café serving breakfast and lunch. “The Creamery at Beaver is a test concept. If successful, we hope to replicate it in other areas where DFA members and our products are found,” says Kristen Coady, DFA's vice president, corporate communications.