Cargill is offering consumers a way to learn more about the family farms raising their Thanksgiving birds this fall. Utilizing the new blockchain technology, an on-package code on Honeysuckle White turkeys facilitates traceability, pinpointing the farm's location by state and county. By entering the code at, consumers will be able to view the family farm story, see photos from the farm and read a message from the farmer. Honeysuckle White Brand Manager Kassie Long says the move is an effort "to meet the increased consumer demand for farm to fork transparency." A November 2017 survey found that 80 percent of consumers believe it is important for their Thanksgiving turkey to be raised by a family farmer and 88 percent of respondents called for transparency in food production. The traceable turkey program expands upon a successful 2017 pilot launch, broadening its quantity and reach. Participating farms have grown from four to 70, producing more than 200,000 traceable turkeys this season compared to 60,000 last year. Traceable turkeys will be available in 3,500 retail stores across the Midwest and online at