Clothed in overalls, boots, and accessorized with her own tractor and farm animals, Farmer Barbie has the Mattel company exploring the world of agriculture. Mattel has made major strides with the iconic fashion doll, which first came out in 1959, to create dolls that fit different eras, fashions, and most recently careers with the goal to attract a variety of interest from its buyers. Expansions range from items like Vintage Nurse Barbie, Evening Gown Barbie, Western Barbie, Paleontologist Barbie and other career- and situation-centric offerings. Selling over 300,000 dolls the first year, Barbie's popularity continues to grow and has been an inspiration to young minds for many years as well as the subject of controversy in years past. Originally seen as a California girl living in her own Barbie world (Malibu Barbie), Farmer Barbie comes complete with a tractor, detachable wagon, 5 animals and feeding accessories. In addition, a partnership with game-based platform Tynker adds a STEM element that turns farming into a programming experience when kids code to complete farm chores, according to the Mattel web site.

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