Agricultural giant CHS Inc. is the largest cooperative in the nation and had more than twice the revenue of any other co-op in 2018, the National Cooperative Bank reports.

CHS pulled in $32.7 billion in revenue last year, more than twice as much as No. 2 Land O'Lakes Inc. at $14.9 billion.

The report also details assets held by co-ops, a category led by CoBank at more than $139 billion; Farm Credit lender AgriBank is the runner-up in that category at more than $109 billion.

The report, released annually every October in honor of National Co-op Month, lists the top 100 users of the member-owned, cooperative business model. Of those 100, a little more than half are specifically listed as agricultural coops, although some of the other sectors listed in the report - grocery, finance, and food service, for example-  also have an impact on the bottom lines of producers across the country.

Overall, co-ops had more than $222 billion in 2018 revenue and hold more than $680 billion in assets.

According to the National Co-op Month website, there are more than 40,000 cooperative businesses in the country with more than 350 million members. 

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