The latest report from the state’s employment department shows California’s unemployment rate hit a record low again in September at 4%.

Despite the improvement, Tulare County remained nearly double the state average. In July, it was at 10% and then fell to 7.6% in September. Kern was 6%, while Madera, Merced and Fresno were around 5%. Kings County, however, was just 3.2%.

The head of the Governor’s Business Office, Lenny Mendonca, said, “It is encouraging to see all-time record low unemployment and record-high job expansion with the largest gains going to counties in inland Southern California.”

Despite his concerns over the declining labor force growth, Beacon Economics Director Robert Kleinhenz said, “With yearly job gains in nearly every one of the state’s major industries, including those most affected by trade conflicts, this is a reassuring report, especially at a time when there are concerns that the economy is cooling.”

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