WASHINGTON, D.C.  Dairy products are a constant in American life. You know this if you’ve ever eaten a bowl of cereal, cooked up a grilled cheese sandwich, or scooped yourself a bowl of ice cream. Dairy, in all its forms and flavors, is tied to some of the most iconic parts of America’s culinary habits.

But lately, the industry is facing a fresh set of challenges.

Agri-Pulse, the nation’s leader in farm policy coverage, will investigate several different aspects of the dairy industry as part of a new podcast series: Deep Dive.

Dairy Deep Dive“This podcast series is designed to offer a broad and comprehensive look at many issues facing American agriculture, but we wanted to first look at the unique challenges facing the dairy industry,” says Agri-Pulse Editor Sara Wyant. “Over the last year, we’ve watched some farmers and processors exit the business, plant-based alternatives flood the markets and talked to a lot of folks who wonder about the future of the dairy industry, both in the U.S. and abroad.”

In this first season, broadcasters Spencer Chase and Ben Nuelle will broadcast a five-episode exploration of dairy issues from farm to plate, bowl, or glass.

The first episode as we look at the boom and bust cycles of the dairy industry. Stay tuned for future discussions on policy, labor, sustainability, and more. The series is sponsored by Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, the Voice of Milk.

Deep Dive can be found on www.Agri-Pulse.com and iTunes, starting Jan. 23.  Click here to listen to the first episode: Boom or Bust? You can also subscribe to the podcast via Spotify and Google Play.

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