Gov. Gavin Newsom launched the Future of Work Commission last summer to explore solutions to labor challenges in the gig economy, among many other socioeconomic issues. Now the commission has delivered its first update, at a time when the pandemic has forced the state and nation to rethink the value of an essential workforce.
“In many ways, the future of work has already arrived, and it is time to meet the moment,” write the commission chairs in the new report.
Among the 12 areas to further explore, the commission recommends focusing on the state’s strengths in industries like agriculture. This will “reinvigorate innovation and generate more jobs in fast-growing sectors.” The report also calls for addressing the impacts of climate change on workers, such as with heat stress on farmworkers.
The commission promises to deliver lessons learned from the workforce disruption caused by COVID-19 and to better prepare food, agriculture and other frontline industries for future crises.