The results of a survey released Tuesday by the California Farm Bureau Federation shows that 57% of farmers have been hit with lost customers or reduced sales due to the pandemic. About 40%, said they or a family member had lost off-farm income. More than half said they plan to apply for federal aid.
“There’s no aspect of farming, ranching or agricultural business that has been spared,” said CFBF President Jamie Johansson. "Most farm and ranch households count on off-farm income to supplement what they earn from agriculture.”
The survey spanned two weeks in April, with more than 500 farmers responding.
CDFA Secretary Karen Ross said the survey should catch people's attention for “how important off-farm income and benefit packages are to our farm families and how many jobs have been lost off-farm that will also contribute to the challenges in our rural communities.”
On a more positive note, about 75% of farmers said they have been able to maintain operations and avoid lay-offs.


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