proposed ballot measure would protect farmers from undergoing a new property tax assessment when transferring the family farm. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11 has drawn the support of the California Fresh Fruit Association, along with firefighters and realtor groups.

Farms are actually an exemption to the measure. By adjusting the 1978 Prop. 13 ballot measure on property taxes, the proposal aims to close tax loopholes while protecting seniors and their homes and drawing more revenue for fire departments.

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Republican Sen. Jim Nielsen of the Sacramento Valley called the proposal “an opportunity to get more money for government.”

The measure has had two hearings in the state Senate this week and could have a floor vote this week. If it passes, the Assembly must approve the measure before it can be placed on the November ballot.

Photo: Asm. Kevin Mullin, D-San Francisco, is the lead author on the measure. (taken in February)