Bayer announced Thursday that it will team up with Prospera Technologies Inc. to create tools that track and analyze greenhouse data for vegetable growers.

Prospera will bring data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the table, while Bayer will provide expertise in vegetable and crop production.

“At Bayer, we believe in the power of collaboration to bring more innovative, digital solutions to life,” Chris Moore, the head of digital transformation for Bayer’s vegetable seeds business, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Prospera is our first step into solutions beyond the seed for the vegetable greenhouse market. We look forward to innovating with customers to find new ways of solving the problems that growers face every day.”

According to a release, the project will “enable vegetable greenhouse growers to make more timely and insightful decisions that help optimize both the profitability and sustainability of their crops and operations.”

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“We are very excited to partner with Bayer, the world-leading provider of vegetable seeds and crop protection solutions,” Daniel Koppel, the CEO and Co-Founder of Prospera Technologies, said in a release. “We believe this collaboration can unleash tremendous value for vegetable greenhouse growers.”

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