As the state battles more than 700 active fires, agriculture commissioners are tallying up the damage.

Napa County Ag Commissioner Humberto Izquierdo told Agri-Pulse this week that about 260 Napa growers, spanning 613 sites, have had to evacuate from the LNU Complex fires.  Winegrapes covered more than 97% of those sites.

“There is a lot of concern about smoke taint,” he said. “So growers are trying to harvest as quickly as they can. Some vineyards got singed pretty badly. But the majority made it through.”

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Santa Cruz County Ag Commissioner Juan Hidalgo said about 3,000 acres of crops have been impacted by the CZU Lightning Complex fires. The extent of the damages have still not been determined, he added.

“There are several Brussels sprout operations near the coast, and growers can’t get to them to harvest,” he said, adding that some winegrapes have been damaged as well.