A new interactive map from the American Connection Project (ACP) makes it easier to find free internet connectivity across the nation.

The new map includes locations of 2,300 free Wi-Fi hot spots across 49 states with the hope of adding more sites in the coming months. Many of the current hot spots are retail locations for places like Land O’Lakes and Tractor Supply Company, but they also include facilities such as electric coops and 4-H buildings.

Tina May, vice president of rural services at Land O’Lakes, said in a release the map is “an important milestone in our effort to bring critical services to disconnected communities across America — and a resource for individuals to find broadband access when they truly need it.”

According to ACP, 18 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet, including 9 million K-12 students and 400,000 public school teachers living in urban and rural settings. The group says the map “is designed to provide immediate but temporary access for those Americans who lack access to the internet today.”

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