The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is seeking additional public comments on the paperwork and regulatory burdens associated with its Bee and Honey Survey, according to the Federal Register. The data is needed by USDA and other government agencies to administer programs and to set trade quotas and tariffs. In this request for renewal, NASS plans to keep the Bee and Honey Inquiry (operations with 5 or more colonies) and the Quarterly Colony Loss survey relatively the same. The samples are adjusted so that the same group of operators who qualify for the honey production survey also qualify for the colony loss survey. “Collecting data less frequently would diminish the ability to track changing trends in the honey industry. The frequency of the report has evolved to meet the needs of customers and yet minimize the burden on the reporting public,” NASS points out in the notice. Comments should be submitted before Dec. 17, 2020 on this website:
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