Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Director Val Dolcini remains committed to implementing a new pesticide notification system in Kern County.

The announcement comes after talks broke down with the county ag commissioner. Dolcini had ordered the commissioner to adopt a system long championed by environmental activists.

During an AB 617 steering committee meeting for the town of Shafter on Monday evening, Dolcini said he plans to host a discussion on the issue in the coming weeks. He “looks forward to working with all the parties to develop a pilot notification system that makes sense for the residents of Shafter.”

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On that note, DPR plans to introduce a proposal to increase pesticide registration fees. The goal is more revenue to support the expanding functions of the registration program. This would be in addition to mill increases proposed in the governor’s budget. DPR will soon schedule a webinar for March 17 to discuss the proposal.