UC Davis’ five-year stretch leading the world in veterinary science came to a close on Wednesday. With the release of the latest world university rankings, the campus has dropped to second place behind a British college.

The rankings are based on the university’s reputation among academics, reputation among employers, and the citations and impact of academic papers.

Keep in mind: The campus lost the top spot for agricultural research several years ago and has remained the runner up ever since.

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Yet UC Davis has more than three times the students and 25% more staff than the university in the Netherlands that holds that mantle. UC Davis also carries a much broader societal impact through its cooperative extension research and advisors and through leading programs in nutrition, agtech and sustainable agriculture.

Also worth noting: Cornell University ranked #3 in 2018 for ag research but has since dropped to fifth place.

Editor’s note: This reporter is a bit biased, having once led communications for the UC Davis World Food Center.