National Guard troops deployed in Washington, D.C., are receiving meals from a restaurant group owned by members of the National Farmers Union and its Midwest affiliates.

Farmers Union Enterprises, which runs Farmers Fishers Bakers and Founding Farmers of the Farmers Restaurant Group, donated $50,000 — which equates to about 5,000 meals — to feed the service members currently stationed in the nation’s capital.

“My team and I are honored to be able to provide delicious meals to those who serve and protect each and every day,” said Farmers Restaurant Group co-owner Dan Simons. He said the company has “sincere gratitude to our farmer-owners for their generosity with funding this mission.”

National Guard soldiers have been protecting the U.S. Capitol and surrounding areas since Jan. 6, when protesters stormed the building as Congress was certifying the results of the Electoral College.

“As farmers, one of the best ways we know how to thank these brave individuals for their sacrifice is with food,” NFU President Rob Larew said in a statement. “We hope that these hearty, wholesome meals from farmer-owned restaurants will adequately convey our admiration and help give them the spirit to continue performing their invaluable service.”

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