The Assembly passed a resolution Monday recognizing March 23 as California Agriculture Day.

“Everywhere you go in our state, people are growing things,” said Ag Chair Robert Rivas, as he introduced the measure. “California agriculture is strong. It is resilient, but it also faces serious and urgent challenges.”

He referred to the crises of 2020 and called for better housing for farmworkers as well.

Asm. Carlos Villapudua of Stockton thanked Rivas for the measure and then listed the many commodities grown on the 700,000 acres of farmland in his district.

“What can’t be overlooked,” said Republican leader Marie Waldron of Escondido, “is that the Southern California agriculture industry is as unique and important as the rest of the state.”

Asm. Eloise Reyes described her San Bernardino district as one of the largest producers of Asian fruits and vegetables.

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Nearly 70 lawmakers joined as co-authors on the measure. Republican Asm. Heath Flora of Ripon looked to those not expressing support.

“To each and every one of you that do not understand the agricultural world, I would encourage you to take a tour to come visit our farms,” said Flora.

Asm. Jim Cooper of Elk Grove encouraged lawmakers to also educate consumers on where their food comes from. Cooper also noted the $3 billion-worth of commodities grown in his district.