In response to growing concerns about COVID-19, more than 30 state and national agricultural organizations representing farm, commodity and agribusiness communities joined together to pen an open letter and promote vaccination among farmers and other rural Americans. “As we hear heartbreaking accounts of the COVID-19 resurgence depleting resources in rural communities and overwhelming already stressed rural health care systems, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of frustration,” the letter noted. “After so much progress in fighting the pandemic – the decisions we’ve all made to stay safe, the work to develop a vaccine and a distribution system that could reach every American -- we still have so far to go. The letter pointed to the science-based decisions that farmers make every day to protect crops and livestock and urged similar decision-making to support vaccinations in their communities.

Chris Novak, CropLife America's president and CEO, who signed the letter said that he’s seen “firsthand how devastating the virus can be. Whether you live in the city or on the farm, we are all at risk if we don’t take steps to keep ourselves and our communities safe.” To see the full letter and list of organizations supporting rural vaccinations, click here.

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