A major agricultural group is out with its farm bill priorities.

The American Soybean Association's 2023 farm bill priorities include a focus on safety net language as well as conservation, trade, energy and a handful of other aspects of the legislation.

“Getting to this point has involved a thoughtful information-gathering process that began back in September 2021," ASA President Brad Doyle said in a statement. "We wanted to assure as many farmer voices and soy states as possible were involved to make this a comprehensive list tailored to their needs. We look forward to sharing with our congressional leaders as a helpful resource and reminder that ASA is available to assist with the farm bill reauthorization process.”

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Five priorities are paramount for the group in the next farm bill: improving the farm safety net for soybeans in Title I, continuing incentive-based conservation programs, promoting U.S. commodities globally, building biobased and biofuel opportunities, and increasing broadband coverage in rural America.

The group plans to refine its topics into specific requests in early 2023, but a separate description of the priorities specifically mentions "strong consideration should be given" to an increase in the soybean reference price as well as an optional base acre update and a doubling of the funding for the Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program. 

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