WASHINGTON, May 14, 2012- President Barack Obama issued a presidential proclamation today for the 150th Anniversary of the USDA.

President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation to establish the U.S. Department of Agriculture on this day in 1862. Obama proclaimed today as the department’s 150th Anniversary.

The USDA has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the American people for generations,” states the proclamation. “During the Great Depression, the Department helped bring an end to the Dust Bowl by promoting soil conservation. Through two World Wars, the Victory Garden Program fed troops and families around the world. The USDA worked to bring electric power to rural communities, establish the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and School Lunch Programs, implement our Nation's food safety regulations, and protect our forests and private lands. “

Obama’s proclamation continued to describe contemporary programs, such as the White House Rural Council, the Feed the Future initiative and the America's Great Outdoors initiative.

“As we commemorate this historic milestone, we pay tribute to the men and women of USDA, past and present, who have faithfully served our Nation for 150 years,” states the proclamation. “For their commitment, our fields grow richer, our abundance grows greater, and our country stands stronger.”


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