A new report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows North American tractor sales dropped in June, but a higher number of combines were purchased. 

Tractor sales in the United States fell 8.2% last month compared to June 2021, while U.S self-propelled combine sales grew by 25.3%. Curt Blades, an AEM senior vice president, said supply chain complications have impacted tractor production.

“We’re glad to see the growth in combine harvesters this month,” said Blades in a press release. “That helped put both countries at or above their 5-year average for the month of June in overall unit sales, despite ongoing supply chain challenges holding ag tractors back.”

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The report showed mid-range sub-40 horsepower tractor sales decreased by 10.2% while mid-range tractors between 40-100 horsepower fell 7.2%. Four-wheel-drive tractor sales took less of a hit, decreasing 3% this month. Compared to June 2021, year-to-date sales for total 2WD farm tractors fell 13.4%.  

Only one tractor segment increased in sales: purchases of 100+ horsepower 2WD tractors increased by 9.6%. AEM said the growth of this segment, which is up 10.3% year-to-date, reflects the demand in row-crop agriculture.

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