The Department of Agriculture invites urban producers and the public to attend the Federal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovation Production’s second public meeting on August 5th from 1-3 p.m. ET.

The meeting will focus on the committee priorities, an update on priorities from the USDA Equity Commission’s, as well as an information on new urban conservation practices.

“This Federal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production is giving USDA valuable insights, feedback and guidance on how USDA can better serve producers in urban areas,” said Brian Guse, Director of USDA’s Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production in a press release. “Working with the Committee, USDA will develop strategies to address the needs of urban agricultural producers and promote innovative production, strengthen local food systems, and increase equity and access to healthy, local food.” 

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The Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovation Production was established in the 2018 farm bill to support urban agriculture and innovation in farming. The Federal Advisory Committee urban and suburb committees provide American’s the ability to include their input in the future of urban agriculture. The first meeting of the committee’s was held in March 2022.  

Attendees must register for the webinar by August 4th.