Supermarket prices were flat in June, as the falling cost of dairy products helped offset some increases in beef and chicken prices.

While the cost of food at home was unchanged from May, the overall Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% in June, mostly because of higher housing costs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday.

Supermarket prices had risen 0.1% in May after declines in March and April. Although food prices are still 4.7% higher than a year ago, that’s a significant decline in the inflation rate that consumers were seeing through 2022. Grocery prices rose nearly 12% from December 2021 to December 2022.  

Dairy prices in June continued their recent decline, falling 0.3% after dropping 0.7% in April and 1.1% in May. Cheese prices alone fell 1.4% in June.

Pork prices dropped 1.9%, reflecting in part a 2.7% decline in the cost of ham and 1.3% drop in bacon prices.

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Egg prices also continued their steady decline off the historic highs that were driven by an outbreak of avian influenza. Egg prices fell 7.3% in June after a 13.8% drop in May. Egg prices are now down 7.9% since June 2022. 

Prices for beef, however, rose 0.4%, while the cost of chicken increased 0.6% last month.

Prices for fruits and vegetables rose 0.8%. Prices for fresh tomatoes increased 2.8% in June, while the prices of apples fell 2.3% and bananas were 0.5% cheaper. 

Prices for cereals and bakery products rose 0.1% in June. 

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