When it comes to American energy production, President Biden has made his agenda crystal clear. He prefers foreign oil over American energy, mountains of red tape over fewer regulations, federal mandates over individual choice, and higher prices at the pump over affordability for our families. Even worse, his actions confirm these preferences.

Since the beginning of his administration, he has called on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to pump more oil rather than support domestic producers, depleted our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its lowest level since the early 1980s, and proposed a budget that would raise taxes on American energy producers by $97 billion over the next decade. As a result, the average gas prices nationwide reached nearly five dollars in June of 2022 – the highest average in decades – strapping Iowans with higher costs coupled with the highest inflation we’ve seen in decades.

However, there is a homegrown solution to the Biden administration’s failed energy policies, and it’s a critical economic engine in my home state of Iowa. Across my district, corn growers are wrapping up harvest, and of that corn crop, every other row is destined for an ethanol plant.

Homegrown ethanol – of which my district is the top producer nationwide – can make our country energy independent again, end our reliance on our foreign adversaries for our energy needs, and make life more affordable for our families. In Iowa, we know that E-15 means lower gas prices and lower emissions – specifically, according to industry estimates, E-15 saves drivers anywhere between 15 and 30 cents a gallon, eliminates the need to import roughly 700 million barrels of foreign oil every single year, and reduces emissions by 46%. These statistics represent real cost savings for our families, investments in American energy production, and better outcomes for our environment. As a father of four, I know that – between trips to athletic events, the grocery store, and school – we need to expand the choice to buy low-cost E-15. However, under current law, E-15 cannot be sold at gas stations year-round due to outdated and arbitrary regulations.

The benefits of ethanol should be obvious, but President Biden has continually shown his disregard for biofuels through actions effectuated by his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Earlier this year, the EPA delayed the rule to allow E-15 to be sold during the summer until the last possible second, and now, the EPA is working without any urgency to finalize the rule for the summer of 2024, throwing our farmers and ethanol producers into uncertainty. Additionally, President Biden’s EPA has pushed his unrealistic electric vehicle mandate that will raise costs for American families, especially in rural communities. This proposed EPA rule would essentially require 67% of new vehicles to be electric by 2032 – ignoring the reality of electric vehicle production, forcing Americans to spend more on transportation, and contradicting the Biden Administration’s own statement that 80% of vehicles will still run on liquid fuels by 2050.

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That’s why – in conjunction with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle from Iowa and across the Midwest – we are working to pass our Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act. This legislation would cut through the bureaucratic red tape and finally permit the nationwide sale of E-15 year-round – permanently – ending our reliance on EPA’s subjective rule-making process. Uninterrupted access to E-15, 365 days a year, would save American families approximately $20.6 billion in fuel costs, create over 188,000 good-paying jobs, and generate over $66 billion in economic activity in our rural communities. It would also reduce carbon emissions by more than 17.6 million tons.

Homegrown American ethanol supports our farmers, generates economic activity in our rural communities, and keeps prices low at the pump. Serving on both the House Agriculture Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, I will continue my work to secure the permanent year-round sale of E-15, protect our corn growers from unfair and burdensome government mandates, and promote affordability for our families and communities. Instead of launching unwarranted attacks on American energy, President Biden should look no further than Iowa to restore American energy independence and lower gas prices for American families. This is an endeavor worthy of our unrelenting and strongest advocacy.

Congressman Randy Feenstra represents Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He serves on the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Agriculture Committee.

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