WASHINGTON, July 16 – With continued hot, dry conditions across much of the nation’s mid-section, crop conditions are continuing to deteriorate, according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) weekly crop progress report

In key corn-growing states like Indiana and Illinois, 71 percent and 56 percent of the corn crop is now rated poor or very poor, respectively. Losses are also piling up in Missouri, with 72 percent of the corn crop achieving a similar rating, along with 77 percent in Kentucky, 56 percent in Michigan, 55 percent in Tennessee, 51 percent in Kansas and 47 percent in Ohio.

Iowa’s corn growers are in a somewhat better position, with 27 percent of the crop rated poor or very poor, but another 37 percent rated only fair.

Across the 18 primary corn growing states, 38 percent of the corn crop was rated poor and very poor, an increase from 30 percent last week.

Soybeans mirror the heat-ravaged corn crop in many states. For example, in Indiana, 57 percent of the soybean crop is rated poor to very poor, and in Missouri, 59 percent were rated the same.

Across the 18 primary soybean-producing states, one-third of the crop is rated poor to very poor, while 36 percent is rated fair and 34 percent rated good to excellent.

Grain sorghum conditions are also deteriorating, with 32 percent of crops grown in the 11 primary sorghum producing states rated poor to very poor. 


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