The United Kingdom has lifted tariffs on raw almonds, a move that could save importers in that country about $4 million a year and boost U.S. exports.

The Almond Board of California had been pushing for suspension of the tariffs.

“This will certainly benefit UK consumers with increased availability of healthy almond products,” said Julie Adams, ABC’s vice president for global technical and regulatory affairs. “We are grateful for our long-time partnership with the UK’s Nut and Dried Fruit Trade Association and appreciate the UK government’s approval of the application to suspend tariffs on almonds.”  

The 4% tariff on in-shell almonds and 2% duty on raw kernels were put in place when the UK left the European Union in 2021. The Nut and Dried Fruit Trade Association (NDFTA) represents processors who buy almonds.

“UK trade officials on March 18 issued a list of commodities, including almonds, that will have tariffs suspended until June 30, 2026,” ABC said. “UK officials said there is a possibility they will reassess before that date, possibly to extend the suspension or make a permanent change.”

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“UK duties of 8-10% still remain on roasted almonds (which includes flavored almonds), 8% on marzipan and almond flour, and 20% on almond paste,” ABC said.

“We plan to work with NDFTA to assess further tariff suspensions in the UK, and with other partners overseas to identify opportunities for additional tariff suspension requests to lower costs for importers and processors and boost demand for California almonds,” said Keith Schneller, ABC’s senior advisor on trade policy.

The UK also has suspended tariffs on a number of other food products, including corn and wheat gluten, tropical fruit and tropical nuts, freeze-dried red currants, blackcurrants, blueberries, and cranberry slices. The full list is posted online.

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