At the annual Agri-Pulse Food & Ag Issues Summit, CDFA Secretary Karen Ross spanned a range of emerging issues and touched on a situation that has gained considerable attention.
Last month the California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association shared with Agri-Pulse West deep concerns over its rocky relationship with the Department of Pesticide Regulation.
 “Families sometimes need counseling,” said Ross at the summit. “The one thing I wish hadn't happened is that it played out in a publication.”
Ross stressed that commissioners “are absolutely essential” for regulatory enforcement and for pest eradication efforts. She worried about communication issues and feelings “that priorities aren’t exactly aligned.”

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The secretary shared her disappointment over disagreements with timelines and expectations concerning DPR’s environmental justice initiatives. She described the ramp up in local EJ engagement as “the only way we can succeed in doing business in the state.”
Ross pledged that the administration would work with commissioners “to make sure that this is not only a functional relationship but a good one, with alignment of priorities and our approaches for how to accomplish them.”