WASHINGTON, August 18, 2012 – Rep. Vicky Hartzler a freshman member of the House Agriculture Committee, delivered the weekly GOP address today and criticized Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama for failure to act on the farm disaster package that passed the U.S. House of Representatives shortly before the August recess.

Hartzler, who farms and operates farm equipment dealerships with her husband near Harrisonville, Missouri, said she was “relieved earlier this month when the House passed a bipartisan measure helping farmers devastated by the ongoing drought.  A lot was riding on this bill, but the Senate, a body controlled by the president’s party, left Washington for the month of August without even bringing it to a vote. 

“The president has seen fit to politicize this issue, but the fact is he didn’t urge the Senate to act. “That is a true shame.  Drought conditions continue to worsen, and the shaky state of the economy only amplifies our anxiety.

President Obama spent three days campaigning in Iowa this week and frequently criticized GOP House leaders for not passing a new five-year farm bill to help drought-stricken farmers.

Hartzler also talked about the importance of getting government out of the way to enable businesses to create more jobs and improve the economy.

“Here in the Show Me State, we expect our leaders to offer solutions to our most pressing challenges, especially when the going gets tough. But these days, the president doesn’t even want to talk about the bad economy, let alone do anything about it.  That, too, is a shame,” Hartzler added.

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