WASHINGTON, April 3, 2013- As part of the BioPreferred Program, USDA finalized eight new product categories for the preferred federal procurement program this week.

Aircraft and boat cleaners; automotive care products; engine crankcase oil; gasoline fuel additives; metal cleaners andcorrosion removers; microbial cleaning products; paint removers; and water turbine bearing oils are the eight categories. If these products are made according to USDA’s biobased standards, they will qualify for the program.   

Under the federal procurement preference program, USDA designates categories of biobased products. Federal agencies and their contactors are then required to give preferential consideration to these designated product categories when making purchases.

The title of the April 1, 2013 USDA Federal Register Final Rule and December 5, 2012 Proposed Rule is "Designation of Product Categories for Federal Procurement.”

When USDA designates a product category for preferred procurement under the BioPreferred Program, manufacturers of all products under the umbrella of that product category, that meet the requirements to qualify for preferred procurement, can claim that status for their products.

USDA also proposed to add the following subcategories to previously designated product categories: countertops to the composite panels category; and wheel bearing and chassis grease to the greases category.

According to the department, the procurement of these products will improve demand for biobased products; spur development of the industrial base through value-added agricultural processing and manufacturing in rural communities; and enhance the Nation's energy security by substituting biobased products for products derived from imported oil and natural gas.

The April 1, 2013 USDA Federal Register Final Rule is posted here.

The BioPreferred designated product categories are posted here.  


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