WASHINGTON, July 17, 2013 – There’s a new president in town – or at least a new presidential building – after the Environmental Protection Agency today re-named its headquarters after President Bill Clinton.

“[T]hrough your leadership, we found a way to succeed especially when it came to protecting the public from the dangers of pollution,” Carol Browner, one of Clinton’s EPA administrators, said to the former president during the Washington, D.C. ceremony.  “Twenty years ago we embarked on a journey that has led to unprecedented success in cleaning our air and water and protecting our communities.”

Clinton’s time in office was marked by a renewed interest in using market principles to regulate environmental polluters, rather than the top-down regulatory approaches favored by some activists.

But Clinton also re-wrote Clean Air Act standards to set stricter, pricier limits and launched the Brownfields program, which revitalizes contaminated areas to the benefit of local communities and economies.

Clinton has continued his environmental work in the years since he’s left office with the help of the Clinton Foundation.

“You have most certainly not slowed down,” Browner said.

The William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building sits on Pennsylvania Avenue, right off the national mall and adjacent – perhaps ironically – to the Ronald Reagan Building.


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