WASHINGTON, Jan. 2, 2015 -- Elanco has finalized its $5.4 billion acquisition of Novartis Animal Health, after the deal cleared federal anti-trust reviews.

The acquisition, announced in April, follows Elanco’s purchase of Lohmann Animal Health earlier in 2014. Elanco, a division of the global pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co., now officers a portfolio of nearly 300 brands encompassing therapeutics, vaccines, parasiticides, antimicrobials, surgical, enzymes and food safety products.

“Elanco’s acquisition of Novartis Animal Health brings together two strong companies with a passion for serving the customer,” said Rob Aukerman, president North American Commercial Operations for Elanco.

In a news release, Elanco said it plans to “significantly increase” investment in research and development. The acquisition of Novartis Animal Health means the combined companies now have more than 100 product development projects under way focused on:

--Enhancing care and extending quality of life of pets, while preventing disease and protecting from parasites;

 --Protecting livestock from disease and parasites, improving animal well-being and reducing the environmental footprint of livestock production;

 --Providing a broader set of solutions in areas such as enzymes, diagnostics, aquaculture and vaccines.

Elanco said the complete integration of the businesses will take time. For the foreseeable future, business will continue in much the same way, including product ordering and customer support, the company said. Availability and access to products will continue uninterrupted.


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