DES MOINES, Iowa, Oct. 15, 2015 – GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina would “roll back” the controversial Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, but adds that “we can’t stop there.”

If elected president, Fiorina says she would also call for a “top to bottom review” of every federal regulation and every dollar spent by federal regulatory agencies like the EPA, National Labor Relations Board and the Federal Communications Commission.

“We are no longer a nation of laws, we’ve become a nation of rules,” noted the former Hewlett Packard CEO during a taping of RFD’s Rural Town Hall series. Yet, “no one is overseeing them, no one is worrying about the cost versus the benefit. This thicket of rules is crushing farmers, crushing small business owners, crushing possibilities in this nation.”

Fiorina says she recently rode in a combine with an Iowa farmer who was harvesting soybeans. The trip provided her with a chance to see not only the incredible technology involved in today’s harvesting equipment but she saw first-hand the type of low-lying areas in a field that might be classified as “navigable” under the EPA’s WOTUS rule.

Fiorina responded to a series of questioners representing farm and rural interests during the one-hour taping of the show, including Agri-Pulse. She focused many of her comments on the need to reduce federal government spending and involvement in everyday farm and business decisions.

Here’s a summary of her responses on key topics.

Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs): Fiorina said GMOs have improved food production and fed millions and millions of people. “I don’t think labeling is necessary. The science is pretty clear that they are not only safe, but they benefit people all over this nation, all over the world.

Renewable Fuel Standard: She reiterated her position that the federal government should not be in the business of picking “winners and losers,” but said that she will commit to upholding the standards until 2022.

Crop insurance: Fiorina said she is supportive of the public private partnership that provides crop insurance to farmers and ranchers across the U.S. but called for getting the federal government out of setting rates for the program.

Research: While calling for less federal spending overall, Fiorina says one area where the federal government can invest more is in research, in conjunction with universities like Iowa State. “Technology and innovations are always required to solve our most pressing problems…if we are going to feed the planet, we have to continue to innovate.”

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Trans-Pacific Partnership: “On the surface, of course I would support the TPP. Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s in it…none of us know what’s in it,” Fiorina said. She said the lack of transparency over the negotiations has made her suspicious, but that after she learns what’s in it, she hopes the trade pact with 11 other trading partners will be helpful to U.S. farmers and manufacturers.

The Des Moines Water Works lawsuit: Fiorina described the lawsuit, brought by the Des Moines Water Works against three Iowa counties over water quality and nutrient levels an “overreach” of local government. “Let me start with this basic principle: If someone owns a parcel of land…...and their family is dependent upon that parcel of land and they know that that parcel of land and the water that runs through it is going to be the drinking water for their family not just now, but for generations, I actually trust them to manage the quality of that water better than some bureaucrat.”


(RURAL TOWN HALL featuring GOP Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina aired at 7 p.m. CDT Oct. 15 on RFD-TV. Produced in conjunction with Mediacom Connections Channel and Gannett, RURAL TOWN HALL is a series of one-hour prime-time specials focusing on rural American issues.)