WASHINGTON, Feb. 19, 2016 - The new agriculture company to be created after the merger of DuPont and Dow would have its headquarters in DuPont’s hometown of Wilmington, Del., with “global business centers” in Iowa and Indiana. 

Johnston, Iowa, has long been the headquarters of corn seed giant DuPont Pioneer, while Indianapolis is home to Dow AgroSciences, which markets seeds under the Mycogen brand.

“This efficient structure takes full advantage of the unique expertise and resources that exist in each location, enabling us to deliver the long-term opportunity for the leading global agriculture company we intend to create,” said DuPont Chairman and CEO Edward D. Breen.

“Our deep presence in Iowa and Indiana will continue the close ties to our customer base and the broader Agriculture community, while leveraging the existing corporate infrastructure and expertise we have in Delaware – DuPont’s home for more than 200 years.” 

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa said last month that he wanted to make sure the merged company’s seed operations remain in Iowa if the planned merger of the agribusiness giants goes through. Grassley's committee has oversight of antitrust matters. 

In a statement Friday, Grassley said that while the "announcement may not be what we had hoped" the companies' decision to keep a major presence in Iowa "underscores the value of Pioneer's outstanding employees and innovative research and development. It’s further evidence that the people of Iowa are again our greatest asset. I hope this new entity will continue to embrace the unique and strategic resources of Iowa and its workforce."

Grassley went on to say that he is still "keeping a close eye on" possible antitrust issues with the merger. "Vigorous enforcement of the antitrust laws is imperative to maintaining an open, fair and competitive marketplace.   I’m continuing to listen to concerns from farmers and consumers about the merger," he said. 

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A press release issued by DuPont and Dow said the planned structure of the agriculture was  “integral to achieving the planned synergies.”

Breen said the new company would “continue to build and leverage” the Pioneer and Mycogen brands. “Going forward, we will be better equipped to meet and exceed grower expectations for innovation in crop technology and agricultural services,” he said.