WASHINGTON, May 26, 2016 - A public database that allows users to quickly review the status of 38 clean energy policies across all 50 states was recently launched by the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University and The Nature Conservancy. The State Policy Opportunity Tracker (SPOT) for Clean Energy site serves as a hub of information on both existing state clean energy policies as well as future policy opportunities, its creators say.

The database includes policies in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, financing, infrastructure and transportation. The resource is not a state scorecard, say the designers, but rather a planning tool for states as they develop their clean energy policy roadmaps.

Each policy has a downloadable two-page policy brief and links to organizations that specialize in each policy area. The site also provides analysis describing key components of each policy, as well as the origin of the data used to assess state gaps. The hub is designed to inform policy makers, regulators and interested stakeholders during the decision-making process.

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“When we look at where clean energy policy has advanced, overwhelmingly states have led the way. We believe that trend will continue. This site enables state policy makers to analyze their current state policies, and how they can go further, in a way that has not previously existed,” says Bill Ritter Jr., director of CSU’s Center for the New Energy Economy and a former Colorado governor.

To access the site, click here.


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