WASHINGTON, June 30, 2016 - Global solar energy company Sungevity Inc. has issued a “clean energy challenge” to the major 2016 presidential candidates – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders – to be the first candidate to install solar panels on his or her home. The company says its “Solar Throwdown” campaign hopes to shine a light on the economic and environmental benefits of going solar while urging each candidate to set a leadership example when it comes to clean energy.  
“We need elected leaders, solar advocates, activists, entrepreneurs and consumers to bring about this change right now,” says Danny Kennedy, Sungevity co-founder and strategic adviser. “American voters have the right to know which presidential candidate is truly committed to building a clean energy future.”

This challenge is similar to Sungevity’s April 2010 Solar on the White House campaign, dubbed “Globama,” which was intended to have the president highlight the environmental and fiscal benefits of solar energy by reinstating solar panels on the White House.

The campaign highlighted the fact that President Jimmy Carter had installed solar panels on the White House in 1979 at the same time he introduced several solar incentives. The panels were removed by President Ronald Reagan Ronald in 1986 when Carter's incentives ran out.

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Sungevity’s Globama petition drive garnered thousands of signatures, says the company, and is credited with persuading the Obama Administration to reinstate a solar system on the White House in 2014.

“This presidential election may be partisan, but the benefits of solar are red, white and blue,” says Sungevity. People wishing to join the campaign may tweet directly to the candidates urging them to go solar, or visit Sungevity’s Solar Power Throwdown page here.


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