WASHINGTON, July 7, 2016 - In the search for clean energy solutions, one of the world’s largest dairy companies announced that it was switching to new Z biodiesel.

Fonterra Chief Operating Officer Global Operations, Robert Spurway said the shift to biodiesel is part of a move towards greater efficiency and sustainability across all operations, and helping Z make cleaner burning biofuel available in New Zealand.

“With more than 550 tankers, our fleet can travel hundreds of thousands kilometers every day on New Zealand’s roads,” Spurway said in a release. “Our commitment as foundation partners for Z Energy’s biodiesel project means the product will not only be available for our fleet, it also means Z can bring this innovative fuel to the pump for New Zealanders.”

Fonterra will be the first company in New Zealand to adopt the new fuel.

Z Bio D is made from up to 5% biodiesel blended with ordinary diesel (called a B5 blend) that meets the same New Zealand fuel specifications as ordinary diesel.

Spurway said the move to biodiesel has the potential to reduce emissions for the tankers using it by up to four per cent each year and play a key role in the firm’s sustainability efforts.

“Our sustainability strategy addresses key efficiency and sustainability improvements, and sourcing clean energy alternatives is a big part of that. We also want to show our support for this kind of innovation so other New Zealanders can make good energy choices,” added Spurway.

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“Fuel burned for transport contributes up to 20 per cent of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions, so given our scale, it’s important we play our part to help the environment. Moving to biofuel is one of the many projects we’re engaged in, like our planting, water quality projects, and energy efficiency programs - which all focus on environmental sustainability.”


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