By Sara Wyant

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San Francisco, Dec. 22 –  A Ninth Circuit Court decision to destroy Roundup-Ready Sugar beet seedlings has been put “on hold” by the U.S. Court of Appeals until Feb. 28 or until the court issues a final order.


The 256 acres of stecklings have been genetically modified to withstand Monsanto’s Roundup, which USDA deregulated in 2005.  But food and environmental groups sued USDA to block planting, citing concerns over potential contamination of conventional seeds.  


Ninth Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey White ruled that the government failed to review the environmental impact of the plants. More than 90% of the U.S. sugar beet crop comes from genetically engineered seeds and USDA is appealing


Growers and processors are closely watching the case, The Center for Food Safety v. Vilsack. to see if Roundup Ready seeds can be used for the 2012 growing season.

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