WASHINGTON, July 12, 2017 - The Energy Department will award $3.7 million to study and validate new energy efficiency solutions for the nation’s homes. Selected projects will accelerate energy performance improvements in existing and new residential buildings using an integrated building systems approach to achieve peak energy performance, DOE says. The goal is to reduce new home energy use by 60 percent and existing home energy use by 40 percent, relative to 2010 averages. “These innovative projects will advance our understanding of building performance, help U.S. industry innovate, and provide the public with reliable, unbiased technical information on home innovations,” said David Nemtzow, director of DOE’s Building Technologies Office. Teams will focus on developing and implementing solutions to three technical challenges: high-performance building envelope assemblies and systems; optimal comfort systems for heating, cooling, air distribution, and humidity control; and high-performance ventilation systems and indoor air quality strategies.