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Dilip Wagle and Denise Cheung

Opinion: Hunger in Washington state: US food insecurity on the rise nationwide

As the economic impacts of COVID-19 spread, communities around the world are facing yet another invisible and immediate challenge: hunger. The pandemic is set to push an estimated 265 million people worldwide to the brink of starvation by the end of the year. Denise Cheung and Dilip Wagle take a look at how these global challenges are affecting a local community in the United States.
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Jess Fanzo and Lawrence Haddad

Opinion: Food Systems Dashboard: A Decision-making Tool for Better Food Governance Decisions

Jess Fanzo, associate professor of global food and agriculture policy and ethics at Johns Hopkins University, and Lawrence Haddad, executive director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition team up in this article to share more information on the Food Systems Dashboard, a new easy-to-navigate online tool designed to help decision makers and other users in the US and around the world understand their food systems.
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