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USTR signals shift in trade policy goals

U.S. trade policy should not be focused on using American might for deals to increase exports, but rather trading access to U.S. markets in return for influence on foreign countries, according to U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai.
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Debt limit deal offers wins for both parties on SNAP work rules

House Republicans who have been struggling unsuccessfully for years to tighten work rules for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program scored a win in the debt limit negotiations that would expand the requirements to people in their early 50s, but President Joe Biden also won key new exemptions for veterans and people who are homeless.

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Agri-Pulse Daybreak May 17: McCarthy presses on with work rules * Senators target feral swine

 Congressional leaders are sounding some notes of optimism after a second meeting with President Biden over the debt ceiling. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy welcomed Biden’s decision to appoint administration officials to lead the negotiations from his side. “I think we set the stage to carry on further conversations,” McCarthy said.

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