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Economic Returns to Rural Infrastructure Investment


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4/10/18 to 4/11/18


Location: National Press Club

Event Description

The April 10-11 workshop, Economic Returns to Rural InfrastructureInvestments, will feature a keynote address by USDA DeputySecretary Steve Censky, as well as presentations by researchers, economists andindustry leaders. A collaboration of FarmFoundation and USDA's Economic Research Service, the workshop will examinecurrent research on the impact of rural infrastructure investments on economicactivity. "To move ahead with rural infrastructure improvements we need the besteconomic tools available to assess long-term benefits," explains FarmFoundation President Constance Cullman. "This workshop is a vital step insharpening those tools." The workshop will be at theNational Press Club, Washington, D.C., with sessions planned 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10, and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, April 11. Workshop participantswill include university researchers, government agency representatives, privateconsultants, community leaders, and experts in the economic assessment processused by international development organizations for project funding.