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The Root of It: A Start-Up and Corporate Look at the Innovation Ecosystem


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10/1/20 3:00 pm to 10/1/20 4:00 pm EST


Location: Virtual / Online
Contact: Alessandra

Event Description

Innovation ecosystems are built on a symbiotic relationship between large corporates, start-ups, investors and the research community. Healthy ecosystems allow great technologies to progress along a life cycle with different groups taking stewardship as they mature. Successful ecosystems allow for accelerated commercialization, a sustainable inflow of capital, and the creation of serial entrepreneurs. Agriculture has experienced unprecedented year-over-year growth as innovation capital has poured into agtech. As an innovation sector, we are at the intersections of technology and life sciences with a sustainable macroeconomic thesis of feeding the world. Yet it remains to be seen if the sector will become a true asset class with a harmonious ecosystem built around innovation. Paul Schickler, former President of DuPont-Pioneer (now Corteva) will join Han Chen, CEO of ZeaKal to discuss what it will take to build a better innovation ecosystem in agriculture from the perspective of a large corporate and a start-up. The two will explore the unique macro-economic challenges facing the agtech innovation space and how we need to adapt the venture innovation model to fit our industry. The discussion will also create insight into the psychology, goals and constraints of start-ups and large corporations to tear down misconceptions in order to create a more harmonious innovation system.